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Addressing mental health concerns increases productivity and engagement, decreases absenteeism, disability and workplace conflict. Addressing these concerns has been shown to have a 10:1 ROI for all stakeholders.

20% of the student body has a severe mental condition (WHO 2004). Few are treated, The rest fall through the cracks (Kauffman, 2005). Screening, assessment, referral and treatment will give them their childhood back.

Systematically quantifying social, emotional and behavioral metrics before the visit and monitoring outcomes longitudinally, helps clinicians make smarter diagnoses and more effective treatment decisions. 

Our assessment, care-co-ordination and remote monitoring tools augment clinician skills, in order to improve the mental health experience for all.

Our Story

In the last 25 years, we've seen a lot of pain. In that time, it has become very clear that we can't "doctor" our way out of the mental health care crisis. The only sustainable way to mitigate the suffering is human-centred technology.  

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