We are a team, diverse in our skills, united in our passion,

committed to the optimization of mental health care delivery

Together we bring more than 60 years of experience to the task, with a range of skills that bridge business, IT, health-economics, finance, research and digital health.


Antonio Ocana

With 25 years experience as a physician, he is our chief medical officer and founder. Above all, Antonio is dedicated to improving mental health care and making the world a better place. 

Antonio sits at the crossroads of medicine, mental health and information technology. His vision for better mental health care is built into the DNA of Obidou

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Cisco Grajales

A seasoned entrepreneur, PhD student at Stanford, consultant for Deloitte. Cisco has led teams for the World Health Organization and the World Bank. Once a medic in the military, he now specializes in Health IT assessment and implementation.

He has had two successful exits and now brings his talent and passion to Obidou. Without him this would still be just an idea, no more.

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Kevin Fabian

Starting out as our NRC- sponsored summer-student, Kevin has proven himself worthy by working hard and being smart and fun to be with. He's Obidou material. We look forward to making him VP of Customer Discovery someday.



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