Student Mental Health

We believe that youth are the future


Full of potential




Waiting for life to awaken their passion

Secondary schools are the foundation

of the Social and Emotional Health of the NEXT generation.

They are also the first place mental health issues present 


Secondary schools are a cauldron of bubbling emotions, into which are poured hormones, immaturity and nascent risk-seeking. 


Now add genetics, parenting, poor diet and sleep deprivation.



You get a raging storm that respects no socio-economic boundary.


In it's wake it leaves depression, anxiety, substance abuse and in the worst case suicide.


It happens much too often.

Mental health screening and referral to care have been on the academic to-do list for 5 decades. Why have we not moved forward with these mission critical tasks?



Obidou has a

How it Works

Parents give consent for their children to be screened.

Students consent to participate in the assessment of their social and emotional health.

Students who screen positive, are triaged by

the school-approved behavioural health clinician to...

self management


medical care

Obidou HealthCloud creates

the critical path to care

that students need.

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Obidou HealthCloud

Student Mental Health

This website is intended for general guidance only, not as a substitute for detailed research or the exercise of professional  judgment. The information herein provided is on an “as is” basis and Obidou makes no representations or warranties, express or implied. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or manage any mental health condition. If you are concerned about your mental health, please see your primary care provider or go to the nearest hospital emergency service.